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What makes a top Law Firm?

Not words

Not numbers

Not talk

Not technology

Not even offices on the top floor

New chapter in an ongoing story ....

We are delighted to welcome Murray Hughes. Murray is one of the most experienced Property and Trust practitioners in Wanganui. He brings a wealth of legal and local knowledge with him.

Linda Peina also joins us. Drop by to say hello to Murray and Linda.


Family, Property (including Conveyancing) and Trust Lawyers

In a nutshell we are a long standing legal firm or law practice based in Wanganui (or Whanganui as it is also now known) and Marton, New Zealand.

We are mainly Family Lawyers, Property Lawyers (including Conveyancing) and Trust Lawyers but we also have experience and expertise in Litigation and Dispute Resolution. See more about our practice in Our Services and in Property and Trust Law, Family Law and Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Top people - You and Us

Your family and your business are important.

We are accessible and interested. We strive to provide personal attention to our clients and form long term relationships with them.

..... and we know what we are talking about


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